Kids bowling party

Open Bowling


All bowlers must wear shoes!!

For lane reservations, browse to our Online Reservation page.

Open Bowling Prices & Specials
$2.95 Shoe Rental
$3.95 Per Game Per Person
$5.95 Per person unlimited bowl 90 minutes
(Minimum of 3
People Per Lane)
$29.95 Per Hour
(Maximum of 7
People Per Lane)
League Bowlers - Sussex IM - Quad Graphics - Color Ink
$2 Games & $1 Shoes
Monday's $1.50 Games $1.50 Shoes
Friday & Saturday Rock n' Bowl $7 per person ALL YOU CAN BOWL for 2 hours 10pm-1:00am minimum 3 people per lane

Bowling Ends at 1:00am regardless of check-in time.

Kids Bowl Free
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